Venison Meatloaf

Even though it gets a bad wrap, meatloaf (and even more so venison meatloaf) is not bad tasting at all. It’s a fairly easy thing to make and have on the table in an hour or so. There’s a lot of knocking meatloaf on the flavor, but I’ve had some really tasty meatloaves in my day. The personal favorite was one from a diner in Minnesota (which has since closed) but it came with an amazing sauce and blue cheese topping. Since the dish is fairly basic, it really lends itself to new ideas. If you’re tired of the old meatloaf recipe, feel free to add a few of your favorite foods to it and see what happens!

This recipe is a fairly simple venison meatloaf with a few different seasonings to make it a little better. If you dont have greek seasoning, check out all recipes for a quick one to toss together before you make the meatloaf. For the cajun seasoning, I typically use emrils essence, and you can find the recipe on food network. I typically reuse an old spice bottle and put my emrils essense in there, so I can have it on hand all the time. I usually just make the greek seasoning specifically for this recipe, because I dont use it that frequently.

Once you’ve got all the seasonings made, just follow the instructions for a great meatloaf recipe. As I said before, feel free to sub in some of your favorite vegetables and spices to change up the flavor a bit. You could also try adding one of the soft cheeses (blue or goat would work great) to give it a bit of extra flavor at the end. This is just another great way to use some of that ground venison that you’ve got in the fridge and you worked so hard for, so enjoy it!